I really like Doctor Who, Orange is the New Black, and Once Upon a Time I don't play many video games just Animal Crossing New Leaf, but I do plan on playing more I'm just kinda new to the gaming community I really, really love Marvel and my favorite hero is Spiderman. Always has been, alwways will be. I also really like the Avengers, especially Captain America!
I'm Nikki and I play the flute and watch Doctor Who


I consider this a humor blog but I mean I post a bunch of stuff about my fandoms, musical theater, band, and Twenty One Pilots so I wouldn't expect just funny things. Sometimes I get kinda personal but I guess you'll hafta deal with it. Yeah this blog is all over the place so expect everything -------- except homestuck.
#transformationfriday #exceptitssaturday #ireallydontcare #hashtaghashtaghashtag

#transformationfriday #exceptitssaturday #ireallydontcare #hashtaghashtaghashtag

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