I really like Doctor Who, Orange is the New Black, and Once Upon a Time I don't play many video games just Animal Crossing New Leaf, but I do plan on playing more I'm just kinda new to the gaming community I really, really love Marvel and my favorite hero is Spiderman. Always has been, alwways will be. I also really like the Avengers, especially Captain America!
I'm Nikki and I play the flute and watch Doctor Who


I consider this a humor blog but I mean I post a bunch of stuff about my fandoms, musical theater, band, and Twenty One Pilots so I wouldn't expect just funny things. Sometimes I get kinda personal but I guess you'll hafta deal with it. Yeah this blog is all over the place so expect everything -------- except homestuck.


okay I know this is random and out of nowhere but I might be going on a hiatus for awhile. maybe forever i don’t know. I just need a break from this blog. i just need some space to think about things, ya know? this might be a fluke and i might be back tomorrow or this might be my permanent goodbye. i don’t know. either way, its been a fun two years  







the most iconic and accurate thing of all time [x]

*coconut water
*Korean BBQ
*Harlem shake

*North and South America

*basically everything they claim/do/like, tbh


*collard greens
*box braids
*kinky twists
*hip hop
*rock n roll

Anonymous: What's wrong with sea world?


What isn’t wrong with SeaWorld? Here’s just a small portion of things:

-Mother and calf separation as young as 1 years old. (In the wild, they’re together for life.)

-Artificial insemination by physically jerking off the animals and using their hands to insert the sperm.

-Though they haven’t caught wild orcas in a long time, they fund it on the sly

-Food deprivation when VIP guests visit or if there’s to be an inspection. 

-Lack of regard for the safety of trainers.

-And orcas.

-And guests.

-Spending just 0.0001% of their profit on conservation but claiming they’re huge conservationists. 

-Misinforming the public and on occasion, actually lying to them. Particularly on the life expectancy of wild orcas. 

-Claiming they support educating people to care for the ocean during their orca shows but not putting any education into their shows what so ever.

-Claiming they always do rescue and release when 1. they have NEVER released an orca (because they’re the money making machines) but 2. they never follow up on the releases they have done so for all we know, they could all be dead. Part of a good rescue and release program is a check up at least a year later, to ensure that the animal survived. SeaWorld does not do that, and instead dumps the animal back into the ocean and claims this as “success”. The following quote about SeaWorld is pretty revealing about their attitudes regarding release:

"I worked at SeaWorld in San Diego. Had my season pass. My husband was a bait fisherman in SD. He and other commercial fisherman complained constantly that when Sea world rescued injured sea lions they would try to train them and if they were untrainable they would release them and the sea lion is half trained and not fearful of humans. These sea lions become a problem and as a result are killed by fisherman. I worked in the employee lounge at sea world and I heard trainers talk about the release of animals that they tried to train. I heard the concern for certain ones.I do not believe that SeaWorld should be allowed to capture and train any more whales and they should not be allowed to breed anymore.” - comment from Tonya Belden, worked at SeaWorld San Diego.

And another quote from this link:

"As for the rescue program…Some were saved and released, but if it didn’t bring in money, it was not considered valuable by the management.

We rescued a Risso’s dolphin in TX and worked day and night to bring that little guy (Turbo) up to healthy status. They moved her to the whale and dolphin stadium, gave her several types of psychotropic drugs, and she died within hours of receiving the drugs. The use of psychotropic drugs was NOT uncommon. When the Vet (Les Dalton) got the call saying she had died, his response was “Well, we got rid of that problem, didn’t we”.”

-Encouraging fishing tournaments despite the over fishing issue.

-Applying for permits to harvest sex organs from slaughtered dolphins

-They won’t hire ‘ugly’ trainers

-Claiming they don’t have enough money to retire their animals but the CEO threw himself a $3 million dollar birthday in his mansion that’s larger than all the SeaWorld orca tanks combined.

-Calling the diets of their orcas ‘restaurant quality’ when in reality, it doesn’t even match what they’d have eaten in the wild.

-They drug their animals.

-Dumping litres and litres of toxic chemicals into the ocean then having the audacity to say that they are all about saving it.

-Forcing orcas to get onto the ‘slide out’ (where they sit out of water and have their organs crushed under their vast weight). This includes heavily pregnant orcas. See ‘Gudrun' but if you want a more recent example, they’re still doing this to Kalia right now


-Forcing infants to become pregnant.

-Overcrowded conditions. 
I could go on…


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there are two types of vegetarians

  • the one that eats well and lives a healthy lifestyle


  • the one who lives on doritos and soda

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when the teacher picks you out for doing the best work in class


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gatsby: haha yeah......................old sport
nick: do you have a signature on your texts?
gatsby: no............................old sport